Red Oak Seniors

Red Oak Seniors
Encouraging area senior citizens to socialize and to be involved
and other Southwest Iowa Non-Profit Organizations
"Join us Today!"
Supporting Activities for Red Oak IA Area Seniors' benefit
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I'm a senior!..
give me my durn discount!!
... so far this is the oldest that I have ever been!
I'm GOOD in Bed!...
I can sleep for days!
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Red Oak Senior Center
Monday through Friday
10 am till 1 pm
Everyone Welcome!

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Red Oak Seniors is a Marketing Group that is sponsporing and promoting a project to be a benefit to Red Oak Senior Center, as well as other area Non-Profit Organizations. The marketing objective is to promote activities and fundraising projects that will be a social, as well as an economic, benefit to Red Oak Senior Center and other area non-profit organizations.
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Hey Seniors (or anyone) -
need a location to walk?..
Seniors: If you have accomplished all that you have planned for yourself, you have not planned enough!
- attributor unknown
Senior Citizens do not chose to be irrelevant -
Society dictates that
If everyone is special, then no one is!
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Red Oak Senior Center
Lunch Prayer

Bless this food,
Oh Lord we pray.
Help us live for
You each day.
May we be a friend to all
we meet along the way.

Thanks for blessings
You've bestowed
On the Folks
who gather here.
We share our food
and Fellowship
with those
we hold so dear.
Fact: People with more birthdays live longer.
The Mission of Red Oak Seniors ...
supports the dignity and independence of Red Oak and local Area Community's older adults with advocacy, education, entertainment, activities, products, programs, and Projects.
Definition of "Social Networking" - the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and/or service in order to develop professional, economic and/or social contacts that can be of mutual benefit.
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