Red Oak Seniors

Red Oak Seniors
Encouraging area senior citizens to socialize and to be involved
and other Southwest Iowa Non-Profit Organizations
"Join us Today!"
Supporting Activities for Red Oak IA Area Seniors' benefit
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I'm a senior!.. give me my durn discount!!
... so far this is the oldest that I have ever been!
Red Oak Seniors is a project of A-M Systems, a Marketing Group. The primary benefactor of the project  is to be the Red Oak Senior Center, but recognizes that the effort could also include secondary benefactors, such as the area churches, as well as being beneficial to numerous other non-profit organizations (NPOs) that cater to our senior citizens in the surrounding Communities. The Objective is to be an economic, as well as a social benefit to the Red Oak Senior Center, as well as to be an active friend to area Community Churches and other worthy local NPOs and Friends.
Fact: People with more birthdays live longer!
Red Oak Senior Center
Monday through Friday
10 am till 1 pm
Everyone Welcome!

Do you have Questions!
Meals?.. Trips?.. Events?..

For "Frequently Asked Questions",
Click here for our FAQ webpage.

I'm GOOD in Bed!...
I can sleep for days!
(click here to read about my
"Get Away Weekend!")
...a Red Oak Senior Center
Welcome!... Come join us!...

We are located at:
2700 N. 4th St, Red Oak, at
Montgomery County
History Center complex.

The Senior Center offers economical and nutritional Lunches on Monday through Friday, as well as being a source for senior citizen information and selected activities to help our senior citizens to get the most out of their senior years! Check out everything that we have to offer and we solicit our ideas, suggestions, and comments.

To Find out what we may do for you, surf our website and feel free to call us at 712-623-3497 or go to our Contact Us webpage.
Primary Sponsor:
Major Sponsors:
be sure and visit our Sponsors webpage
for an index of all of our Sponsors
Interested in Iowa Barns?
Hey Seniors (or anyone) -
need a location to walk?..
and get some exercise in the winter?.. or anytime! Consider the Montgomery County Memorial Hospital - they never close!.. walk any time at your schedule. Two routes to chose from: First Route on one level is 0.35 miles and all on the same level - Second Route integrates stairs and adds an additional benefit... it is 0.45 miles. Routes are easily indentified and marked with large Green Apple signs on the hallway walls, and at eye level - or ask any of the hospital staff and/or Custiodail/Maintenance personnel - chances are very good that they may even accompany you on your first visit... just ask!
Seniors: If you have accomplished all that you have planned for yourself, you have not planned enough! - attributor unknown
Senior Citizens do not chose to be irrelevant -
Society dictates that
If everyone is special, then no one is!
Social Media - if you are a Faceook user, Instagram, Twitter, or any other form of social media we would like to have you tell your friends about our website, and ... thank you!
Check out our newest Friend - Iowa Barn Book
Definition of "Networking" - the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and/or service in order to develop professional, economic and/or social contacts that can be of mutual benefit.
The Mission of Red Oak Seniors ...
supports the dignity and independence of Red Oak and local Community's older adults with advocacy, education, entertainment, activities, products, programs, and the provision of selected support and services that address the nutritional, intellectual, physical, and social needs of elderly Community Members.
Senior Citizens should aid those visible
in the rear view mirror,
while keeping an eye on the road ahead....
indeed it is our duty and responsibility to do so!
Expectation of better things!

Red Oak Senior Center Lunch Prayer

Bless this food, Oh Lord we pray.
Help us live for You each day.
May we be a friend to all
we meet along the way.

Thanks for blessings You've bestowed
On the Folks who gather here.
We share our food and Fellowship
with those we hold so dear.
Red Oak Senior Center
2700 N 4th St, Red Oak IA 51566
Montgomery County History Center complex
Copyright (c) 2019 / Red Oak Seniors - All rights reserved
712-623-3497 / email:
204 S Broadway St, Red Oak IA 51566
(United Group Insurance/Real Estate office building)
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