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Senior Center FAQs - Red Oak
Q. Do you have to have a limited income in order to be involved in Senior Center Meals and Activities?
A. beats the heck out of me - I would hate to think that we discriminate against those that are not below the poverty level

Q. Are you required to complete a financial application...
A. yeah and don't know why

Q. What are the Senior Center hours of operation?
A. The Senior Center is open Monday through Friday, 10:30am to 1:00pm.

Q. How old do you have to be to become a member?
A. We do consider a "senior" to be at least 60(?) years of age. (other comments?) You are not required to become a member, and there are no fees. However, there may be fees involved with some of the services and programs that we now offer or that we may offer in the future. If there is ever any questions, then we suggest that you call or send us an email.

Q. Hold old do you have to be eligible for lunch in the center?
A. In order to receive the senior pricing for the meal, you must be 60 years of age. However, vistors are always welcome for lunch if they schedule their meal in accordance with our normal rules of a day in advance. For more information and costs on Meals, go to "Services" menu selection.

Q. How can I receive a Home Delivered Meal?
A. Yes.. (what are the rules??)

Q. Do you serve special restricted meals, such as meals for Diabetics etc.?
A. No, unfortuntely we do not have special meals accommodations. Our meals are prepared by _____________, through affiliation with Connections AAA in Council Bluffs Iowa. Our meals meet the Older Americans Act nutrition requirements for 1/3 RDA (required daily amount). Please check our site for our monthly menu...( which includes a breakdown of Calories, Fat Present, Sodium, Calcium, Protein and Vitamin-C.???)

Q. Do we offer specialized care?
A. No, we are unable to provide this assistance. Our primary focus is to offer a comfortable atmosphere for Senior Citizens to come meet and socialize with other Senior's. However, we can provide information for special adult day care and a variety of Senior services.

Q. Do you have a periodic newsletter?
A. No, but with convenient access to a computer by people of all ages these days, we have elected to publish this website with the objective of providing current and timely information on a variety of topics to all of our Community. We encourage website visitors to make suggestions and to offer input on subjects and topics that they feel would be of interest to Seniors in our Community.

Q. Do you offer transportation to the Senior Center for meals and other activities?
A. (not sure - some day we may make arrangements with Southwest Iowa Transit??)

Q. Do you have Meals on Wheels? .. and if so, then how do I sign up?
A. Yes, we have homebound meals for homebound seniors or seniors getting released from the hospital. Our meals at this time cost are $?.00 a day. They come from _____.

Q. Do you offer housing for senior citizens?
A. No we do not, but we do have ....

Q. Do you have to be retired in order to take advantage of Senior Center programs?
A. No you need not be retired... our Senior Center is not just for retired people. Many working seniors participate in senior centers as long as they meet the center's age requirement. Stay in touch to determine services and programs that may be of interest to you

Q. Do you offer educational classes?
A. Not at this time, but it is currently being reviewed as a service that we may be able to consider... we solicite your interest and ideas on possible subjects and programs that you feel may have universal appeal to area senior citizens. Check back often to stay informed. In the future, we do intend to offer a wide array of affordable classes and activities for seniors. The programs most likely to be offered would be social, fitness, recreational, and educational classes and programs. Possible workshops and topics may include: updates on Medicare, tax and estate planning, recognition of elder abuse, nutrition, computer awareness, and many others. Educational programs are based on expressed interest by the Center's membership. We solicit your inquires into potential subjects and topics.

Q. Do you offer Health and Wellness workshops?
A. (what goes here?) Screenings for blood pressure, hearing, vision, cholesterol, peripheral arterial diseases, skin cancer, PSA, and diabetes are periodically held at the Center. Qualified medical personnel perform these tests.

Q. Do you offer legal aid?
A. No we do not, but we would be willing to aid you in locating the proper agency.

Q. Do you offer physical activities?
A. (future? - possible activity may include swimming, tennis, golf, bowling, shuffleboard, basketball shooting, badminton, and select other sports.

... to be determined
Do you have scheduled trips?.. and How can I Suggest and Plan a Trip?
How/Where Do I Sign-up for Programs and Activities?
Do you ever have Speakers?

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