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About R O Seniors

Red Oak Seniors, and the associated website, is the outgrowth of an effort that began as a project to support the Red Oak Senior Center with a dedicated website. But it soon became apparent that the effort to expose the world to the Red Oak Senior Center through a website could be a far greater benefit it the Area Community if the website incorporated a much broader Community than just the Senior Center.

The primary success of the Internet, and indeed the success of Social Media, is because of the ability to "network". Why not incorporate that logic into creating a network to be a social and economic benefit to the local area Community that could be supportive of other "non-profit" organizations and associations?.. to allow our Senior Citizens to be actively involved and provide an opportunity to impart their knowledge and experience.

If you find that this website is helpful and includes areas of interest, then we invite, and indeed we encourage you to reference our website URL (address) in your website and/or social media communication.
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